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95 USED HYUNDAI VAN GRAND STAREX LUXURY 12SEATS DIESEL 2012YEAR file Mumtaz International 7296 Jan 12, 2017 2017-01-12 02:35
used hyundai van grand starex luxury-diesel-left hand drive-12seats- manual transmission- mileage 228000km- very clean and in good working conditions- manufacture december 2011year-chassis no 2012year.price fob korea ask me please^^.  
94 USED KIA BONGO CARGO TRUCK 1 TON 2003YEAR file Mumtaz International 9372 Oct 13, 2015 2015-10-13 16:03
used kia cargo truck- kia bongo--1ton-diesel-manual transmission-in good working conditions and now working-2003year-price fob korea........2700usd.  
93 USED HYUNDAI CAR SANTA FE FIVE SEATS 2002YEAR file Mumtaz International 9632 Jan 6, 2015 2015-01-06 01:46
used hyudai car-santafe-gold five seats- diesel-left hand drive-auto transmission- mileage 250000kmonly- two wheel drive- in excellent working conditions-sunroof- chassis no-KMHVP2U281011.2002year- price fob korea.........2600usd.  
92 USED HYUNDAI CAR STAREX NINE SEATS MANUAL 1997YEAR file Mumtaz International 10002 Nov 19, 2014 2014-11-19 18:16
used hyundai van starex(svx).nine seats(shortbody) diesel-manual transmission-machinical engine-.full ac-full heator system-1997year-in excellent working conditions-price fob korea.........3000usd.  
91 USED CHEVROLET CAR AVEO FIVE SEATS 2012YEAR file Mumtaz International 10020 Jan 3, 2015 2015-01-03 15:39
used chevrolet car- aveo lt- five seats- gasoline- automatic transmission- mileage only 60000km- in good working conditions- left hand drive- 2012year- price fob korea....10500usd.  
90 USED CAR KORANDO AUTO DIESEL 2001YEAR file Mumtaz International 10109 Nov 28, 2013 2013-11-28 21:13
used ssangyong car korando auto-diesel two wheel-(mercedes benz engine). good conditions.2001year. price fob korea 2800usd.  
89 used ssangyong car korando manual diesel 2001year file Mumtaz International 10184 Dec 1, 2013 2013-12-01 02:07
used ssangyong car korando- diesel- two wheel- manual drive- left ahnd-(mercedes benz)engine-good working conditions 2001year.price fob korea........2900usd.  
88 USED DAEWOO CAR MATIZ MANUAL 2001YEAR file Mumtaz International 10216 Dec 1, 2013 2013-12-01 02:14
used daewoo car matiz- manual drive-left hand- gasoline-2001year-price fob korea...........1200usd.  
» USED KIA CAR SORENTO DIESEL SEVEN SEATS 2007YEAR file Mumtaz International 10241 May 18, 2014 2014-05-18 15:30
used kia car sorento-seven seats- manual transmission- diesel-left hand drive.two wheel type..tlx.manufacture 2006year chassis no 2007year. mileage 250000km..in good working conditions. 2007year. price fob korea..........5500usd.  
86 USED KIA CARGO TRUCK 1TON 2005YEAR file Mumtaz International 10245 Nov 29, 2013 2013-11-29 22:12
used kia bongo- 1ton diesel truck- crdi engine-in good working conditions- manual drive. 2005year- price fob korea...........6500usd.