used concrete pump truck,,,junjin with mercedes benz truck 52metre,,2007 year.,,excellent and new conditions. truck mileage 550000km,. pump used hour 5000hr, price. fob korea............00000000usd.P1020026.JPG P1020027.JPG P1020028.JPG P1020018.JPG P1020019.JPG P1020020.JPG P1020021.JPG P1020022.JPG P1020024.JPG P1020025.JPG P1020029.JPG P1020032.JPG P1020033.JPG P1020034.JPG P1020035.JPG P1020036.JPG P1020037.JPG P1020038.JPG P1020039.JPG P1020040.JPG P1020043.JPG P1020044.JPG P1020045.JPG P1020046.JPG P1020047.JPG P1020050.JPG P1020053.JPG P1020055.JPG P1020056.JPG P1020057.JPG P1020086.JPG P1020087.JPG P1020088.JPG P1020089.JPG P1020091.JPG P1020092.JPG
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37 USED CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK DAENUNG 36METRE 1997YEAR [22] file Mumtaz International 11017 Mar 4, 2012 2012-03-04 19:21
used concrete pump truck daenenung-dncp--12036..36metre. 1997year. now working and best conditions.price fob korea.....95000usd.daewoo truck..  
36 USED DAEWOO CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK43M 2004YEAR file Mumtaz International 11039 Feb 13, 2012 2012-02-13 01:22
used daewoo concrete pump truck-43metre-used hour-5270- capasity-43m/130m3 hr-weight 36ton.engine daewoo dv15tts//410horsepower-2100rmp-8cyl-length--1.4.400-height3,930-c2,495=141cbm.chassis no dcp43200......./43-2/2004year. price fob korea....  
35 USED SAMSUNG CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK 32METRE 1997YEAR [29] file Mumtaz International 14698 Jan 17, 2012 2012-01-17 02:27
samsung used concrete pump truck 32metre--(px321s)engine nissan and truck is also samsung(engine nissan-rf8-340horsepower.22000rpm-8cylender). chassis no-3Ey 0269.july 1997year. price fob korea......76000usd.  
34 USED CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK DAEWOO EVERDIGM 52METRE 2007YEAR [22] file Mumtaz International 12487 Jan 13, 2012 2012-01-13 02:43
used concrete pump truck-52metre-daewoo everdigm with daewoo truck- usd hour 2500-best working conditions and like new one-2007year.price fob korea.......320000usd.  
33 USED DAEWOO CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK 43METRE 2004YEAR [26] file Mumtaz International 10934 Jan 12, 2012 2012-01-12 20:56
daewoo used concrete pump truck with daewoo truck-43-2 metre best working conditions-2004year. now work ing, price fob korea---190000usd.  
32 USED CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK 43METRE JUNJIN 2003YEAR [22] file Mumtaz International 11644 Jan 12, 2012 2012-01-12 01:36
concrete pump truck, junjin with hyundai 19ton truck-truck mileage 70000km, pump used hour 3500hr,excellent working conditions-43m. novermber 2003year,..price fob korea.170000usd.  
» USED CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK 52 METRE JUNJIN 2007 YEAR [25] file Mumtaz International 11832 Oct 30, 2011 2011-10-30 02:48
used concrete pump truck,,,junjin with mercedes benz truck 52metre,,2007 year.,,excellent and new conditions. truck mileage 550000km,. pump used hour 5000hr, price. fob korea............00000000usd.  
30 used concrete pump truck junjin37metre, 2007 year [7] file Mumtaz International 11364 Oct 24, 2011 2011-10-24 02:38
used concrete pump truck hyundai truck with junjin pump,37metre.junjin, jx-h3717.serial no..jx-hh3717-633.used hour410. mileage 143050.excellent working conditions...2007 year.)21.  
29 USED CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK 43METRE DAEWOO PUTZMEISTOR 1998YEAR file Mumtaz International 14511 Oct 8, 2011 2011-10-08 01:47
used concrete pump truck putzmeistor orignal pm. daewoo truck. made year 1997year,43metre double pump excellent condition.1998 year.in korea. 1997 year in oversease.chassis no.dcp4300015. price fob korea.........125000usd.  
28 USED CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK 55METRE, K.C.P. 2008 YEAR [6] file Mumtaz International 12022 Oct 1, 2011 2011-10-01 01:50
used concrete pump truck,55metre, can used as 56-57m in other countires, made in korea.daewoo truck, 2008 year.