samsungtadano truck crane--25ton- december 1988year- inDSC03546.JPG DSC03547.JPG DSC03548.JPG DSC03549.JPG DSC03560.JPG DSC03553.JPG DSC03555.JPG DSC03556.JPG DSC03558.JPG DSC03559.JPG DSC03561.JPG DSC03562.JPG DSC03563.JPG DSC03566.JPG DSC03567.JPG DSC03568.JPG DSC03570.JPG DSC03572.JPG DSC03573.JPG DSC03574.JPG DSC03575.JPG DSC03576.JPG DSC03577.JPG DSC03578.JPG DSC03579.JPG DSC03580.JPG DSC03581.JPG DSC03582.JPG DSC03583.JPG DSC03584.JPG DSC03585.JPG working conditions-nissan engine-left hand drive-digital computor-price fob korea--80000usd.
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47 USED SAMSUNGTADANO TRUCK CRANE25TON 1996YEAR file Mumtaz International 41308 Jan 22, 2012 2012-01-22 02:43
used samsungtadano truck crane 25ton-sc25-2.nissan engine ud. mileage,25,000km.1996year best working conditions.price fob korea..125000usd.  
46 USED ROUGH CRANE KATO 65TON 2007 YEAR [7] file Mumtaz International 47484 Jan 19, 2012 2012-01-19 03:33
used rough crane kato 65ton--kr65h- used hour-6.680hr-mileage-9.725km.s===krc002-1137.manufacture year oct,2006year. 2007yearreg. best working conditions and workign now.price fob korea..........710000usd.  
45 USED CRAWLER CRANE SUMITOMO 35TON 1992YEAR file Mumtaz International 45884 Jan 14, 2012 2012-01-14 18:56
used crawler crane sumitomo LS-78RM-chassis no -ls078-3153-boom 20metre- mitsubishi engine-best working conditions-35ton-1992year. price fob korea....75000usd.  
» USED TRUCK CRANE SAMSUNGTADANO 25TON 1988YEAR file Mumtaz International 47764 Jan 3, 2012 2012-01-03 20:55
samsungtadano truck crane--25ton- december 1988year- in working conditions-nissan engine-left hand drive-digital computor-price fob korea--80000usd.  
43 USED TRUCK CRANE KATO 25TON 1988YEAR. [96] file Mumtaz International 61614 Dec 29, 2011 2011-12-29 01:08
used truck crane,, kato with fuso engine. 25ton 1988year best working conditions.price fob korea .........130000usd.  
42 USED TRUCK CRANE TADANO FAUN 120TON 1997YEAR [7] file Mumtaz International 55574 Dec 29, 2011 2014-06-03 16:05
used truck crane,120ton tl12000.(italy and japan joint make). benz engine.main boom49.5m total boom80m. best working conditions 1997year. .mileage 114000km.. price fob korea......550000usd.  
41 USED TRUCK CRANE GROVE 150TON 1990YEAR file Mumtaz International 51869 Dec 29, 2011 2011-12-29 00:50
used truck crane, tm1500. 150ton.best workin g conditions. grove 1990year. price fob korea.........350000usd.  
40 USED CRAWLER CRANE MANITOWC-AMERICAN 80TON 1991YEAR [41] file Mumtaz International 49592 Nov 30, 2011 2011-12-14 01:11
used crawler american crane-manitowc-m-80w.80ton- engine cummins 6 cylender,,engine 6cta-803-234horsepower-22000rpm.s/n-810961.june1991year,(240).new color-new paint-best working conditions.  
39 USED TADANO TRUCK CRANE 100TON 1991 YEAR. file Mumtaz International 60062 Nov 18, 2011 2011-12-14 01:11
used tadano truck crane-tg1000e. 100ton.s/n-kh62y-0000//..nissan engine370horse powe r/22000rpm. left hand drive. best conditions.1991 year.(55).  
38 USED TRUCK CRANE KATO 80 TON 1991 YEAR file Mumtaz International 59005 Nov 18, 2011 2011-12-14 01:12
used kato truck crane, nk800-80ton.s/n.523f481.8 drum.engine...8dc9-382176=310horsepower 23000rpm,excellent conditions,,,1991 year...(40).