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97 USED SAMSUNGTADANO TRUCK CRANE 50TON 1991YEAR file Mumtaz International 16550 Dec 22, 2015 2015-12-22 14:27
used samsungtadano truck crane-- 50ton- engine -nissan diesel-sc50h- s/n- 4by0150-e/n-016161- boom40m+jib-tadano orignal- march 1991year- in excellent working conditions- now working- price fob korea.................177000usd.  
96 USED TADANO TRUCK CRANE TG500M 50TON 1994YEAR file Mumtaz International 17746 Nov 2, 2015 2015-11-02 18:09
used truck crane..tadano..50ton...tadano tg500m. mileage 172000km. now working and in excellent working conditions...mitsubishi engine 1994year.price fob korea.................355000usd.  
95 USED DAEWOO TRUCK CRANE 35TON 1994YEAR file Mumtaz International 9362 Sep 13, 2015 2015-09-13 03:34
used daewoo truck crane 35ton- in good working conditions-now working november 1994year-price fob korea...................65000usd.  
94 USED SAMSUNGTADANO TRUCK CRANE 50TON 1994YEAR file Mumtaz International 37588 May 19, 2015 2015-05-19 15:22
used samsung tadano-truck crane- nissan engine-in good wokring conditions-now working- december 1994year-price fob korea----230000usd.  
93 USED SAMSUNGTADANO TRUCK CRANE 25TON 1996YEAR file Mumtaz International 19467 May 12, 2015 2015-05-12 02:30
used samsungtadano truck crane-25ton-nissan engine- repainted-in good working conditios-now working-very lcean-1996year-price fob korea 121000usd.  
92 USED TRUCK CRANE KATO 80TON 1992YEAR file Mumtaz International 10122 Feb 12, 2015 2015-02-12 14:28
used truck crane- kato nk800- 80ton in good working conditions-1992year- price fob korea..............295000usd.  
91 USED KATO TRUCK CRAN NK 200H-V 20TON 1991YEAR file Mumtaz International 18373 Feb 7, 2015 2015-02-07 21:53
used truck crane kato-nk200h-v 20ton- nissan engine-( nissan ud diesel pe6)main boom 31m(4stage)jib boom 8m(1stage).1991year-now working and good working conditions-L11.930mm*W2.490MM* h 300mm*W23.590KG.1991year- price fob korea.........1270...  
90 USED TADANA TRUCK CRANE 25TON 1989YEAR file Mumtaz International 15600 Feb 5, 2015 2015-02-05 01:38
used tadano trukc crane- tadano tl250m-3 1989year- nissan engine- now working and good working conditions-price fob korea 158000usd.  
89 USED TRUCK CRANE GROVE 80TON 1995YEAR file Mumtaz International 10915 Jan 25, 2015 2015-01-25 02:26
used truck crane-grove-model-AT990E.-80ton-engine.-mercedes benz(OM402LA) mileage 141,000km only.-serial no.-SCMAT990ESSU84029.-WINCH.-2.-main boom ....45m(5stage).jib boom...17m(2 stage).-Length/Width/Height/Weight - 14,839 * 2,850 * 3,950 ...  
88 USED TADANO TRUCK CRANE 20TON 1992YEAR file Mumtaz International 16818 Nov 22, 2014 2014-11-22 14:55
used tadano truck crane-tadano tl200m-4..engine fuso(mitsubishi).mileage 125,000km- computorized- now working and excellent working conditons.1992year...price fob korea........121000usd.