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46 USED VOLVO DUMP TRUCK 24YON FH12, 2001YEAR [32] file Mumtaz International 12664 Jun 18, 2012 2012-06-18 02:33
used volvo dump truck- 24ton-420horsepower-diesel- left hand drive- manual transmission-8*4=12wheel-best working conditions-2001year-price fob korea 35000usd.  
45 USED HYUNDAI DUMP TRUCK 15TON 1997YEAR [29] file Mumtaz International 15590 Jun 15, 2012 2012-06-15 02:25
used hyundai dump truck,15ton- 320horsepower- july 1997year. manual drive-left hand-diesel.from 1997year to till now one person drive,,so clean and best one,,still working-10wheel.price fob korea............22000usd.  
44 USED HYUNDAI DUMP TRUCK 15TON 1996YEAR [79] file Mumtaz International 14369 Jun 13, 2012 2012-06-13 20:40
used hyundai dump truck-15ton-320horsepower-manual transmission-diesel- left hand drive. in best working conditions.,may 1996year. price fob korea 20000usd last.  
43 USED DUMP TRUCK MAN 24.5TON 2003YEAR [26] file Mumtaz International 12210 May 25, 2012 2012-05-25 18:26
used dump truck, man euro3, diesel 8*4=12wheel type..left hand drive, manual transmission. best working conditions,..price fob korea...41000usd.  
42 USED DUMP TRUCK MAN 24TON 2002YEAR [19] file Mumtaz International 11938 May 18, 2012 2012-05-18 02:16
used dump trukc man,,eruo3,,2002year in best working conditions. diesel left hand drive,manual transmission,.8*4=12wheel type.24ton.mileage 500000km only, very clean truck., price fob korea................35000usd.  
41 USED MAN DUMP TRUCK 22.5TON 1997YEAR file Mumtaz International 12020 May 15, 2012 2012-05-15 21:09
used man dump truck,,,,22.5ton..1997year.8*4-=12wheel.diesel.left hand drive.manual transmission.372s. iinm best working conditions.price fob korea 24000usd.  
40 MAN USED DUMP TRUCK TGA 24TON 2003YEAR [29] file Mumtaz International 13158 May 4, 2012 2012-05-04 03:24
used man dump truck man tga-semi auto,12wheel -diesel left hand drive. best working like new dump-december 2003year-24ton.price fob korea,,43000usd.  
39 MAN USED DUMP TRUCK 24TON 2002YEAR file Mumtaz International 11676 May 4, 2012 2012-05-04 03:19
man used dump truck man rueo3.....diesel.left hand drive,manual.24ton.8*4=12wheel type.best working.price fob korea.............34000usd.  
38 USED DUMP TRUCK MAN EURO3 24TON 2002YEAR file Mumtaz International 12194 May 4, 2012 2012-05-04 03:12
used man diesel dump truck,euro3-august 2002year. now working.12wheel left hand drive,masnual transmission.,24ton-price fob korea....35000usd.  
37 USED DUMP TRUCK MAN 24TON 2002YEAR [88] file Mumtaz International 13052 May 4, 2012 2012-05-04 03:06
used dump truck man diesel, euro3,,,,,,december 2002year,24ton.left hand drive diesel best working conditions-price fob korea.........36000usd.