used hyundai trago fuel tanker truck,,,24ton,24000LITRE, trago 410horsepower, mileage only 70000km,steel tank.tyre70%zf mission. like new tanker.

december 2010year,2011year chassis. best working, price fob korea..112000usd.

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17 USED HYUNDAI FUEL TANKER TRUCK 2.5TON 3000LITRE 2008YEAR file Mumtaz International 6296 Sep 1, 2014 2014-09-01 01:02
used hyundai fuel tanker truck-2.5ton-3000LITRE-four cylender-3933cc-135horsepower/25000rpm.-front 3 person.-fuel 9.5perkm.-mileage 71000km only-.very clean and now working good working conditions-chassis no-KMCVK17HP8C098329.manual transmis...  
16 USED HYUNDAI FUEL TANKER TRUCK 16TON 20000 LITRE 1996YEAR file Mumtaz International 7148 Jul 23, 2014 2014-07-23 02:06
used hyundai fuel tanker truck-16ton-20000 litre- manual transmission-left hand drive-almuniuem tank. tyre 80% mileage 220000km-no accident. in best working conditions.in forn two person..airconditions. power handle. sep,1996year..price fob ...  
15 USED HYUNDAI FUEL TANKER TRUCK16TON 20000LITRE,2002YEAR [67] file Mumtaz International 8770 Jan 21, 2012 2012-01-21 21:06
used hyundai fuel tanker truck, 16ton-june2002year. mileage 666000km. repainted.380horsepower,,steel tank.good conditions.20000litre.price fob korea 47000usd.  
14 USED DAEWOO FUEL TANKER TRUCK 16TON 20000LITRE,2006YEAR [69] file Mumtaz International 9310 Jan 21, 2012 2012-01-21 20:18
used daewoo fuel tanker truck-16ton.20000litre,daewoo novos. mileage 285000km,380horsepower.almunium-front 2persons seats.july2006year.five block. price fob korea.........88000usd.  
13 USED HYUNDAI FUEL TANKER TRUCK 20000 LITRE 1996YEAR file Mumtaz International 9983 Sep 9, 2014 2014-09-09 18:35
used hyundai fuel tanker truck- 6ton-20000LITRE-290horsepower-2200rmp-front 3 person- 8cylender-16031cc- manual transmission- chassis no-KMCCC19VPTC100133. mileage 220000km only- now working and excellent working conditions.sep 1996year- pri...  
12 USED DAEWOO FUEL TANKER TRUCK 16TON 20000LITRE 2003YEAR [69] file Mumtaz International 11327 Jul 11, 2012 2012-07-11 02:06
used fuel tanker truck daewoo 16ton-340horsepower- 20000litre- mileage 590000km-iin front 2person-steel tank- in best working conditions- november 2003year-price fob korea...............46000usd.  
11 USED HYUNDAI FUEL TANKER TRUCK 5TON 8000LITRE, 2007YEAR [71] file Mumtaz International 11396 Mar 13, 2012 2012-03-13 20:33
used hyundai fuel tanker truck-5ton- 8000litre, mileage 116000km.four container for oil,, steel tank.,235horsepower,2 passenger, best working conditions. november 2007year,,price fob korea.....51000usd.  
10 USED DAEWOO FUEL TANKER TRUCK 16TON,20000LITRE, 2003YEAR [46] file Mumtaz International 11763 Jan 21, 2012 2012-01-21 21:27
used fuel tanker truck daewoo-16ton-20000litre, steel tank-mileage 281000km.380horsepower.go od conditions....price fob korea....58000usd.  
9 USED FUEL TANKER TRUCK, HYUNDAI, 16TON, 2006 YEAR [67] file 뭄타즈인터내셔날 11911 Dec 16, 2010 2010-12-16 20:36
used fuel tanker truck, hyundai, , 16ton,, 20000,LITRE, diesel ,left hand drive,manual mileage 20000km.2006 year.  
8 HYUNDAI FUEL TANKER TRUCK 22TON 22000LITRE,2002YEAR [62] file Mumtaz International 12018 Jan 21, 2012 2012-01-21 21:49
used hyundai fuel tanker-22ton-22000litre, stain tank.380horsepower, mileage 700000km. good working conditions.march 2002year.price fob korea..58000usd.